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  • This motorist did 1 thing right. He signaled his intended merge toward the road. Everything else was a epic fail. He merged toward the way moving away slower than the traffic on the road. I was in the right lane doing around 50, which is the limit. Fortunately for me, this not good motorist as well merged directly into the left lane, so I just went by his poking along vehicle. When I glanced at him & shook my head as I went by, he glanced enjoy he had no clue I had even been there. Typical blind merger. After this, I glanced back occasionally to see the inevitable backup of cars behind the slow motorist camping in the left lane, & the general chaos he was causing. Inexcusable, however not at all surprising.

    • Car Details: Green HONDA Odyssey
    • Last Seen Location: Santa Clara, California, US
    Anonymous May 01, 2009
    Flagged As: Information

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