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  • This base began issuance in February, 1986, replacing the previous base. Although it is not currently being issued, it will return, & all plates of this type continue to be revalidated. Maryland old New Jersey dies for a short period on few plates. Joseph reports that the reason for the temporary change to NJ dies was that plate production in the Maryland prison was shut down due to violence. So far, 1 Pass & Multi-Purpose plates have been reported with NJ dies. 8CM X22 is the high with MD dies. 3CN Z46 is the high with NJ dies. 1CP A90 is the low for MD dies after NJ dies. Jeff Ellis figures NJ dies ran between 1CN A01 & 9CN Z99. This is the new format for Maryland commuter plates. The previous series finished at MZZ 999. That series started at NAA 001 in February 1986 & progressed through ZZZ 999, then upwards from AAA 001 through MZZ 999. zero (zero) is not ever issued as the 1st character in the new format. MZZ 999 was issued & spotted by Joseph. 9AK Z95 is the highest pass reported without 'www.maryland.gov' at the bottom. 1AL A01 is the lowest pass plate reported with the new 'www.maryland.gov' at the bottom. Joseph reports that few 2008 stickers are the inaccurate color. Hologram threads are now appearing, having started at 1FC A01.

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    Jeff Ellis July 17, 2012
    Flagged As: Information

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