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  • This incident happened on a small street. There was two vehicles that was attempting to take 1 parking space. This female was honking her brain out at the auto in front who was attempting to parallel park. She was yelling & swearing at the auto in front of her that the space was hers. She disturbingly beeped for at least five minutes, not caring in regards the neighborhood. ten minutes later, the auto in front of her allow her have the parking spot. As she was in rage backing in to the spot, my friend & I was standing on the balcony witnessing what in regards to happen. She carelessly smash the auto behind her, which happened to be my car, & pulled forward. It wasn't a light bump, it was a good hit. So my friend & I decided to go & confront her to have her fess up & apologize that it was not cool to smash alternative auto & act enjoy nothing happened. She not 1 denied her wrongdoing, she sweared at me & my friend. We grabbed a picture of her auto & the license plate. As she was en voyage away, she rolled down her window & said, 'it was just a tab, there's no damage!' And drove away. I just want to point out how impolite individuals can be & that they must take a chill pill. Especially when they're captured red-handed.

    • Car Details: Champagne TOYOTA Sienna - Minivan
    • Last Seen Location: Hollywood, California, US
    Anonymous January 06, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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