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  • Today it was 86 degrees outside, making for a pretty toasty car. I'm at occupation & few of the girls say me that this female has had her chihuahua in her auto all day long, its now 3pm & i call the animal control right away. But come ON, are there really individuals that don't know how dumb it is to leave LIVING THINGS in hot cars? this dog had NO FOOD, NO WATER & was wearing a sweater!!!! the owner did not go out to the auto at all point amidst the day to bring the dog anything either to take it out of the car. I 1 wish i had learned of this earlier in the day so that poor dog hadnt been sitting in there for so long. few individuals just demand a big ol slap across the face. I have a small chihuahua & that makes me sick that few someone can be so neglectful to a pet. GET A CLUE YOU DITZ! HOT CAR + DOG = BAAAADit dosnt matter if u roll the windows down a small bit, its still friggin' hot, & nothing must be left without water for seven hours in a hot car.

    • Car Details: SILVER HONDA CIVIC
    • Last Seen Location: LIVERMORE, California, US
    Anonymous April 27, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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