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  • I wanted to allow all on full alert for this motorist who is a Asian grandpa in his mid-70's to early 80's, wear glasses, wear gray pants w/blue sweater w/tan hat, w/tan shoes & always walks around the Apt parking complex here at Windsor Ridge here in Sunnyvale, CA. To normal people, it seem enjoy he's exercising by walking around here at the parking lot, however I captured him a small times in the parking lot (by coincidence) auto shopping for auto parts off of other tenants/guests private property. Even when I moved here, not even a week go by & I heard my auto alarm moving off 1 morning. I ran to glance outside & I saw this grandpa right next to my car!! When he saw me unexpectedly he began stretching enjoy he was exercising. Well, he didn't fool me!! I'm assuming that this grandpa attempted to break open the hood of my auto from the driver's side & wanting to disarm my auto alarm except the way my hood has a obvious dent (even today if u look) made me think that his plan A failed. Another occassion, this grandpa managed to come up with plan B & succeeded by breaking into my auto by sliding in the slim jim around 3:30am. Since 3:30am is still dark outside I didn't check up on my auto until 6:30am when the sun started approaching out (fall). I came across scratches on the lock button on my driver's door on the inside, I was missing my gasoline cap & two bolts to my license plate. Recently, I was Spring cleaning my Apt & had to take out bunch of trash to the trash bins & guess who I happened to see bent above right next to my car? Yup, that's right. That old guy I enjoy to call, 'Grandpa, who likes to auto shop for FREE auto parts off of clueless tenants/guests of the parking of Windsor Ridge Apts.' This grandpa had seen me & started walking towards the opposite direction, however somehow changed his mind, received into his Silver, Toyota Corolla Sedan, 4-DR, California License Plate # 4UNCO24 & drove off. That's when I managed to obtain his License Plate # & report him so that people can read this & be on a glance out for their auto & others. I wanted to 'confront' this grandpa except he seem to jump & run away whenever he sees me in sight (very suspicious) & I managed to report this to the Front Office Management few times while living here, however to say u the truth they don't really do anything to stop this grandpa from doing what he does while living here as well so if u live here either know anybody that lives here at Windsor Ridge Apt in Sunnyvale, CA don't forget to glance around ur surrounding area's & if u see all suspicious acts by this grandpa don't hesitate to confront him. Thank You for taking the time reading this. One more thing: He seem to target cars that is more than ten years old & prefers Japanese cars such as Honda, Nissan, Toyota, to name a few. I learned that vehicles that are ten yrs either older have the parts that newer vehicles don't & to purchase the parts to replace ur older vehicles costs lots of $$$$ & hard to obtain so perhaps this grandpa goes around shopping for auto parts since many auto thieves think that they can obtain away with what they do.

    • Car Details: Silver TOYOTA Corolla Sedan
    • Last Seen Location: Sunnyvale, California, US
    Anonymous April 19, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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