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  • I entered 'Honda' however the auto might have been a Toyota. All the identifying emblems on the back was missing. Anyway: Heading east on Valerio, between Vassar & Canoga. This guy & I pull up to the same four-way-stop at the same time. He smiles & waves me on. A block either two later, he's making a right at the next four-way-stop, & again, waved few someone on - very friendly-like - who had gotten there either at the same time as him either a 2nd either two later. It may not seem enjoy a big deal, however my experience is that this kind of small courtesy is sadly very, very rare among the largely inconsiderate, aggressive operators here in Los Angeles who are always in a rush. Most individuals come up to a four-way stop around the same moment as anybody else, & they HAVE to assert themselves by making certain they're the 1st to continue on. So this small gesture was nice to see. So, whoever u are, pal, I salute you! We demand more operators enjoy u in LA!

    • Car Details: Silver HONDA Sedan
    • Last Seen Location: Canoga Park, California, US
    Anonymous November 08, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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