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  • I know those big red signs on the side of the way can be confusing to few people. They do mean STOP. Usually for ur own safety so oncoming traffic doesn't plow into u & prevent u from moving house to see ur family these evening. But ur blowing a stop sign & almost getting side swiped by my much larger than u truck isn't even why I'm writing this. Remember that bus just outside of Brookdale? I don't know u bothered to notice that school bus on the side of the road. The 1 with the a lot flashing red lights? That means there are children in the area loading toward a bus & traffic must come to a halt for everyone's safety. Kudos to the motorist that was in front of u for being smart enough to have absolutely passed their operators test & know that. You almost plowed into the back of his car in ur rush. Then u pulled into the lane of oncoming traffic. Thankfully again, they was smarter than u & understood what those flashing red lights meant so u didn't plow into all 1 creating a head on collision thereby closing down a two lane freeway that is a major commuter thoroughfare & gumming up traffic for a small hours while they peeled u & ur victims off the road. For all that, u didn't obtain all where all faster than I did either the guy u went zipped around did. Only difference is that we did it without risking the lives of other individuals

    • Car Details: silver VOLVO
    • Last Seen Location: Ben Lomond, California, US
    Anonymous October 29, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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