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  • So cycling in San Francisco, in a bike lane on Friday morn at 8:20 on Folsom & coming Hawthorne, there are two, 3 vehicles blocking to shift right. Next block up is a guy with a red flag protecting a back-hoe pulling out. I glance behind me & there 1 a dark blue Toyota sedan behind me a couple of auto lengths away. I pull out of the bike lane in into the middle of the next lane to pass the cars. I hear a auto horn behind me, I take no notice. I obtain around the vehicles turning right, & the honking is pursuing me. I glance round & see the dark blue Toyota & a dark haired female in her thirties gesturing to me to obtain back in the bike lane. I slowed down gently to a stop by the guy with the red flag (also in the lane). The female is honking at me, undoubtedly somewhat confused, I assume, by the sight of a bicycle. The guy with the red flag & I glance at disbelief at this pitiful example of a clueless California driver. Flag guy, waving his flag at her, is shouting 'Where's e supposed to go? Through the backhoe?'Me, I just gave her a flying British two fingered salute... Cal #4PHA786... Please wake up before u drive...

    • Car Details: Dark Blue TOYOTA Budget model sedan
    • Last Seen Location: San Francisco, California, US
    Anonymous March 05, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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