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  • I watched this female en voyage east on the ten & sixty freeways in the afternoon on July 3rd. She operates dangerously fast, tailgates other cars, & makes lane changes for no apparent reason. She continually (over & above again) changed in & out of the left many lane neither to pass a auto nor to allow a auto pass her.Finally, she smash traffic around the 605 highway & I was stopped behind her in the left many lane. Then, she continued to throw a finished McDonald's apple pie (I think?) box out the window & toward the freeway.This female unnecessarily places other operators in hazardous positions, has small to no clue on how to drive, and, worst of all, litters our freeways! Absolutely nasty.

    • Car Details: White NISSAN Altima?
    • Last Seen Location: Los Angeles, California, US
    Anonymous July 06, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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