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  • To the androgenous beast that was piloting the Volvo south on HWY 101 between Santa Barbara & Ventura (From this point forward, I will assume u was woman - 1 as a result of of what I assume was a flight attendant outfit): News flash! It's illegal, rude, & incredibly dangerous to change lanes INTO someone else WHILE IT'S RAINING! You attempted this frequently & continued to tailgate just in regards everybody u could catch. Then, when I returned the favor, u pretended to call the police! Laughable. Actually, that's why we was all laughing at you. I understand that u are most likely depressed in regards ur life being a failure, ur marriage a shambles, & ur children disowning you. Pleaes don't allow ur personal issues affect the rest of us on the road. Next time, please do us all a favor & steer that POS into the Pacific, OK?

    • Car Details: White VOLVO SLT (slut?)
    • Last Seen Location: Santa Barbara, California, US
    Anonymous January 28, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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