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  • I hate Highway 46. I always see near accidents & a couple of times have passed accidents moments after it happened. It's usually as a result of it is 1 two lanes & has heavy traffic. This is the same way that killed James Dean when few someone crossed traffic in front of him. Heading house from the coast, I came up on a semi, explorer & mustang. When the passing lane smash & the semi didn't move, the Mustang passed on the right which was dangerous on their part & impolite of the semi.. the explorer that was directly behind the semi was undoubtedly REALLY pissed... he attempted to pass just as oncoming traffic showed up & swerved back, then stupidly passed the semi approaching up on a blind mountain & shortly after starting to pass our side turned solid. It was close before traffic was at us. Once I was directly behind the semi I realized he'd occasionally run above the middle lines.. wtf... then when our second/last passing lane came up.. he didn't even move. It was at a curve so I finished up flickering my highbeams at him since I could see his mirrors. Doubt he even noticed. I was pretty pissed at him, however he was moving 60MPH, which I can live with since it was 55. I just don't feel comfortable behind a car I can't see around. So.. as we're moving I start noticing he's moving across the line AGAIN. most likely 3 more times he did this.. then he finished up moving HALFWAY across the line for which I finished up laying into my horn for a long pause till he was back over. What the FUCK!? I was REALLY angry at him now, as a result of I have witnessed few close calls, & passed 1 accident on 46 shortly after it happened. At that point I phoned 911 & reported the fuck. It seemed enjoy everytime there was a clearing (since I couldn't see around him) he would start veering over. My best guess is the fuckstick was TXT messaging either something, & would focus on that when he saw the way ahead was clear, however sometimes it seemed he'd jerk above just before vehicles passed. I was very disappointed that the CHP not ever captured up with us, however his truck had no labeling in the back & I could not ever obtain a glimpse of what color his cab was, all I could provide the operator was we was in the valley going east towards Lost Hills & his plate number. By the time we received on I-5 I did obtain to pass him, & captured the name of the freight company, Gadra Transport. He most likely crossed into the other lane a dozen times. I think he was texting the whole time... that's the 1 way I can explain his ignoring of passing lanes & swerving.

    • Car Details: Purple Cab OTHER SEMI Truck
    • Last Seen Location: Lost Hills, California, US
    Anonymous June 23, 2009
    Flagged As: Information

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