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  • Heading east on the 101 between the 405 & the 134, this f-ing jackass was en voyage a Mack truck with a 18-wheel flatbed behind it & switching lanes enjoy he was en voyage a f-ing moped, & NOT SIGNALING all of them. This across four lanes of busy highway traffic. The car had different plates on the back of the flatbed & the front of the truck, so I'm posting this twice. The flat bed was black, the truck was green, & it had the name 'STOCK' on the air deflector that goes above the cab. This motorist is extremely, extremely dangerous & must not be en voyage at all, allow alone a enormous truck with a flatbed attached.

    • Car Details: Green OTHER Mack Truck
    • Last Seen Location: Van Nuys, California, US
    Anonymous December 10, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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