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  • During the morn commute, this motorist decided she didn't have to wait her shift in the long line of operators standing by to obtain on I35S from Thousand Oaks. There was a space in front of me, since I didn't want to stop my truck on top of the railroad tracks. This dumbass motorist then grabbed it upon herself to cut right in front of me & wait on the tracks. Then she continued along I35 by cutting off operators & weaving in & out of traffic. In the end, she received to her destination a entire five seconds before me. Lady, besides the fact that you're impolite & impatient, u put other people's lives at risk by standing by on the railroad tracks. I always thought Longhorns was flighty idiots, so tnx for the extra proof. BITCH

    • Car Details: Black FORD F150
    • Last Seen Location: San Antonio, Texas, US
    Anonymous February 24, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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