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  • I was pursuing this dumbass through Wildcat Canyon, & had the misfortune of watching her ride the yellow line as though she was a slot car. More than one time on blind corners this retard was completely on the inaccurate side of the road. After a mile of this I beeped & she pulled above on a straight-away, no doubt thinking that I was pissed & wanted to pass. Hardly! I pulled in tight & rolled my window down, yelling 'You are moving to KILL SOMEONE! Stay in ur lane!' This is a way where individuals swerve out for bikers & joggers, where motorcycles play - there is no room for dumbasses who can't control their vehicles, even at low speeds. Remember; if u can't control it, you're OUT OF CONTROL - even at 5MPH.

    • Car Details: grey VOLVO V70 station wagon
    • Last Seen Location: Berkeley, hills, US, California, US
    Anonymous May 16, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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