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  • The way was mostly clear, not a lot individuals on the way at 9pm. He was in the fast lane moving very slow. I was coming in the fast lane moving faster than him. I was in regards to go around him in the slow lane when he slammed on his breaks very hard & for no reason (I was not tailgating). He slammed on them hard enough to slow me down from sixty five to thirty five & everything in my auto went flying. I went around him then however he fled up, I was doing eighty before I made it around him. Then he began to tailgate me so I slowed down to allow him by however then he just received in front of me & slammed on the breaks again. I attempted to go around again however he kept pushing the speed up. We came up to few other vehicles & attempted to use them to obtain them between us as a result of by this time he was hanging halfway out of his window screaming at me, approaching into my lane so much that I thought he would run me off of the road, & he threw something at my auto that I later found out left a dent & a scratch. I was searching for my telephone to dial 911 as a result of I thought he would follow me house if I didn't however I was ahving a hard time finding it as a result of all of my classwork along with my telephone & other belongings had fallen on the floor. I wanted to go to a cops station however I didn't know where all was (I'm relatively new to the area). I finally found my telephone & jsut as I dialed he veered off toward na exit ramp (almost smashing alternative auto on the way as he did this from the fast lane). I spoke to the cops & considered making a report however I doubt we'd ever find all witnesses & then it's just my word against his, not worth the trouble!

    • Car Details: OTHER
    • Last Seen Location: Glen Burnie, Maryland, US
    Anonymous December 17, 2006
    Flagged As: Information

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