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  • The street: Sir Francis Drake Blvd. (a two-lane road), travelling from Larkspur to San Anselmo, CA. The traffic: moderate & evenly spaced out. The speed limit: 35. My speed: 38 & not even close to being fast enough for this young, aggressive female. Once the lane changed from 1 to two, we was treated to the classic rapid acceleration & impolite gesture routine (and then u started in on the Jeep now in front of you). You see, honey, I am always more than happy to allow operators enjoy u go around. And what kind of a motorist are you? Let me put it to u this way: u continue to play Speed Racer in a busy 35mph section & you'll kill few someone and/or be killed. Think carefully in regards the consequences of ur actions. I hope the next time u pull this stunt, u do it to a off-duty cops officer.

    • Car Details: Silver AUDI A4
    • Last Seen Location: San Anselmo, California, US
    Anonymous April 05, 2009
    Flagged As: Information

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