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  • Punk. Even though I was ahead of this punk (in his noisy 'Mill City' custom pickup) by at least two auto lengths, he fought me for the lead when our two lanes merged into one. He fled up & was absolutely en voyage on the shoulder to my right attempting to obtain ahead of me & be 1st in the single lane. Imagine my surprise when I saw his pickup so close to my right, squeezing me for the lead in the lane, that I thought we was moving to bounce off each other! I had no choice however to jam my brakes on & allow him 'win'. Moron. I hope he received his thrill. And I hope his girlfriend, who was cozied up next to him, was impressed with his manliness, too.

    • Car Details: Lowell, Massachusetts, Lowell, Massachusetts, US
    • Last Seen Location: Lowell, Massachusetts, US
    Anonymous June 12, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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