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  • So, I'm en voyage house from occupation on a residental road, when out of NOWHERE this guy comes flying up & passes me on the right & then does the same thing to the individual in front of me! Now this isnt a wide way & there is 1 1 lane in each direction. This is why insurence prices are so high & why so a lot accidents happen. I was so mad I was 2 seconds away from calling the police, I swear to you. If I all see him on the way again I'm callin the po-po. All I can tell is, 'what was so important that u couldnt operate enjoy a human being?!?!?!'

    • Car Details: Green SATURN SL1 (I think)
    • Last Seen Location: Aurora, Illinois, US
    Anonymous March 02, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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