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  • Congratulations! You have won the Grand Prize! You blew by me with ur afterburners on full throttle. twenty seconds later, a State Trooper with his blue lights flashing & HIS afterburners on full throttle as well blew right by me. 2 miles up the road, I operate by you, as a result of u have been pulled above by the State Trooper. ---- What does our lucky winner obtain for prizes? -------1. Brand New Points to be placed on his License. 2. A Hefty Fine. 3. A Very Nice Raise in ur Insurance Premium. Happy New Year to you, u lucky guy! -------------------------------------------------------------Prize Eligibility Requirements----------------1. You should be a resident of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, either a out of state visitor. 2. You should operate really really fast. --------- (Drivers who do not exceed the speed limit are ineligible for these terrific prizes).

    • Car Details: ACURA
    • Last Seen Location: I-495, Exit 19, Massachusetts, US
    Anonymous December 29, 2006
    Flagged As: Information

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