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  • MA State trooper flew up behind me for reasons unknown to me & began tailgating me. I couldn't even see his headlights as a result of he was so dangerously close. This Trooper then whips aggressively above to the next lane (left) & pulls up next to me & twists on his Alley light (side flood lights) on his roof bar. He paces me for in regards forty five seconds, however his windows was as well dark for me to see him through, however I'm certain he was attempting to glance very intimidating & scary, however he 1 accomplished at glancing enjoy a asshole.FYI Trooper, individuals glance to u to set a example & u have failed miserably this morning. To enforce the law, u should 1st obey them.

    • Car Details: Blue FORD Crown Victoria
    • Last Seen Location: I93N- Braintree exit, Massachusetts, US
    Anonymous February 22, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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