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  • While going south on Ruddell, I found myself in the left lane, side-by-side with a tan Acura. I obtain quite uncomfortable crowded in a lane enjoy this, as it leaves two vehicles without a 'out' must something go wrong. So I accelerated for a moment, intending to obtain a bit ahead & resume the speed limit, with more room to drive. But the auto to my right matched my all acceleration. He did not go fast enough to obtain ahead himself & clear up the choke off, however he couldn't stand the thought of few someone in front of him, either. By now I've received a num of vehicles behind me in the left lane, attempting to obtain around this prick. He & I remained locked in a low-speed race I was not told of until reaching the red light at Mullen. I then received my 1st glance at the driver. He was a pink faced small boy in ballcap as well large for his empty head. That explains, however does not excuse, this dangerous behavior.

    • Car Details: Tan ACURA
    • Last Seen Location: Lacey, Washington, US
    Anonymous December 22, 2006
    Flagged As: Information

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