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  • Beware the red Ford Ranger pickup with the broken left taillight! On Memorial Parkway, this red Ford Ranger suddenly swerved from the away right onramp to the away left lane, across two lanes of traffic. (I was in the away left lane at the time.) I beeped 2 times when he(?) suddenly swerved into the middle lane, to alert him (?) that I was there. It did no good: he (?) swerved above on top of me, forcing me to brake suddenly, to retain from being driven into the dividing wall to my left. I did not obtain a glance at the motorist through the tinted windows, however I did catch the plate before he (?) fled off: AL plate 47R95T9.

    • Car Details: Red FORD Ranger
    • Last Seen Location: Huntsville, Alabama, US
    Anonymous March 03, 2012
    Flagged As: Information

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