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  • At roughly 8:50 AM on December 19, 2007 I was moving south-west on Day Street in Leominster, Massachusetts. I came to the T junction where Day Street connects to Main Street (Route 13) & stopped at the red light. After a moment I could see that the light was changing as a result of a truck going north on Main Street came to a stop at the same junction. A small moments later my light turned green & I slowly continued through the intersection, turning left toward Main Street when I was forced to crash on my brakes as a yellow pickup trucks with DPW (Department of Public Works) written on it came barreling down Main Street going south & flew straight through the crossing & the red light. I don't even think he saw the red light. Which is REALLY scary if u can imagine what would have happened if few someone was crossing the road. Damn! If he couldn't see a big, shiny, red light hanging in front of him then he'd surely not notice a individual in dull colored clothes in the road. I grabbed few pictures & sent the to the local DPW office. They spoke it wasn't their truck. That few someone might have bought it a forget to remove the town markings. They spoke I must send the details to the police. Which I did. The Leominster police was great! They tracked down the truck, phoned the owner, found out who was at fault (it turned out to be the owner's brother) & made him remove the remaining town markings from the truck immediately. So, to the cops officers involved: 'Thanks.' To the crazy SOB who doesn't know that red means stop: pay attention to ur en voyage as a result of if u don't, we will.

    • Car Details: Yellow FORD Pickup
    • Last Seen Location: Leominster, Massachusetts, US
    Anonymous December 24, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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