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  • Have u ever been in this situation: u pass a auto on the right. Sure. Now, how in regards a situation pass a auto on the right, then u draw up on alternative auto in ur lane? Less frequent, however sure, it happens. You already passed that 1st car, just slide above to go around the auto you're drawing up to. Easy. Now, how in regards when the auto u just passed notices that you're drawing up on a slower-moving auto in ur lane... so they increase their speed to attempt to block u from completing the pass, attempting to force u to brake hard suddenly... either plow into the slower-moving car, whatever. Happens all as well often, unfortunately. This is just the latest territorial jackass who considers it such a great affront to be passed that it should be half-heartedly blocked, however doesn't realize it until you've almost completed the pass.

    • Car Details: Red CHEVROLET Corsica
    • Last Seen Location: Huntsville, Alabama, US
    Anonymous April 28, 2009
    Flagged As: Information

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