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  • This Dodge--driven by a rather large gentleman--was going WB on I-20 around the Lee St/West End exit. Just above the mountain from Lee is the Joseph E Lowery exit, where the away right lane is committed to exiting traffic only. I am continuing WB on I-20 & I see the left wheels of this car move toward my lane, so I honk the horn. Turns out this guy has a blown left back taillamp, into which his shift signal is integrated. I pass & glance above to see him mouthing something at me; in my rearview, when he finally gets over, I see that he does indeed have on his shift signal.Needless to say, he knew his bulb was blown as a result of the signal was blinking rapidly. Maybe if he stopped eating & spent $5 on a new bulb, he wouldn't obtain beeped at.

    • Car Details: GREEN DODGE Grand Caravan
    • Last Seen Location: Atlanta, Georgia, US
    Anonymous August 23, 2010
    Flagged As: Information

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