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  • I was standing by for my wife to finish shopping near the I-party when this jeep pulls into a handicapped spot, no plate either plackard indicating they was handicapped. The guy gets out of his jeep smoking a cigarette & his 10-12 year old son as well exits the jeep. This is his 2nd infraction as it is against the law to smoke in a auto with a minor in it. Then he & his son take a short walk beside the building to go pee...there is a bathroom in the store u parked infront of! Way to step up & set the example douche bag. Once his wife was done shopping he pulled out of the parking space & that was when I noticed his handicap...he had a McCain Palin 2008 sticker on the back of spoke jeep. ;} just getting my own shot in. You can fill in ur own jokes below. This was on Friday OCT. 2, 2009

    • Car Details: multi JEEP Cherokee
    • Last Seen Location: Augusta, Maine, US
    Anonymous October 07, 2009
    Flagged As: Information

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