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  • 700 West 95-9700 South, Snowing very not good approx.4 inches of snow on road. we was moving South & he zoomed out of the Union Square strip mall area right in front of us. There was no one behind us for at least a mile however he just had to obtain in front of us he was moving so fast he couldn't retain control of his auto & slid. We had to crash on our brakes to bypass smashing him causing us to fish tale & almost smash him. I hope u do this to few big truck & he can't stop in time smashing ur pretty new car. Try & make few intelligent decisions while u operate either perhaps next time few someone will not be able to stop in time.

    • Car Details: Black INFINITI QX4
    • Last Seen Location: Sandy, Utah, US
    Anonymous February 27, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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