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  • The motorist of this car should undoubtedly be drinking the products his comp makes (Budweiser) as a result of EVERY single morn on the way to occupation this jack-leg tailgates all on Dallas Hwy moving toward Marietta. He literally rides in regards six inches off the bumper of the individual in front of him as though we are ALL moving to slow. We are doing 60mph in a 45mph u A$$clown!! Then he begins weaving in & out of traffic using no shift signals & is generally a wreckless driver. I am reporting this a warning to all the other operators out there, this psycho operates South on Hiram Sudie Rd & then twists east toward Bill Carruth pkwy & gets toward Dallas Hwy. Each & all morn this guy operates enjoy this. I would bet that Budweiser would not be pleased to learn of this (hint,hint).

    • Car Details: Budweiser Company Truck CHEVROLET AstroVan
    • Last Seen Location: Hiram, Georgia, US
    Anonymous November 21, 2006
    Flagged As: Information

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