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  • 10300-10500 Baseline Road 332pm 11/292011...just in case u think I'm making it up u old fuqtard. Superior Aggregates truck. Plate may be 362FKI. It is a fleet plate. This butt hat old guy made a u-turn FAILING TO YIELD TO ME ON A BIKE when I was moving 25-30mph. Then genius stops IN THE BIKE LANE (it is not a fooking 'drop of ur boyfriend lane'). Therefore I have to choose: 1) crash into truck, pull old guy out of truck, have old guy eat his wrinkly scrotum for early dinner. -or- 2) swerve into traffic & hope the hamburger eating, cellphone talking, ignoramus behind me (no offense whoever u were, however individuals in vehicles & pretty damned dumb on average these days) is paying attention. I hope u have fun cleaning the 2 pounds of phlegm off ur window butt clown. Do it again, & u will magically be missing a mirror; not certain how it will happen. Finally, I might point out (having driven a 'company truck' for a small years) that when u are in a 4000lb rolling billboard, u might want to not drag ur comp through the mud...or provide a vengeful prick on a bike who u almost killed perfect directions to find the truck, allow the air out of four tires & pretty much fuq up ur Wednesday. Love, Eric

    • Car Details: Black CHEVROLET Silverado
    • Last Seen Location: Lafayette, Colorado, US
    Anonymous November 29, 2011
    Flagged As: Information

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