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  • Well since I was moving eighty on 295 I guess it was OK he had to crash his brakes on when he received behind me, follow me on my butt for few miles before he decided to FLASH ME. 'Wheres the fire' buddy? Hopefully burning down ur house since u was such a Masshole. Oh by the way, unless I see red & blue flash behind me, I do not move above for shitheads enjoy you. Instead, enjoy I did, I will wait until u obtain really pissed off & go around me... And when u do, I will then move over. Hope u still have a beam either two left from ur burnt down house shithead.

    • Car Details: Grey CHEVROLET POS
    • Last Seen Location: Smithfield, Rhode Island, US
    Anonymous March 05, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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