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  • This dumbass turned on Taylor st. in front of me, no shift signal, then starts getting in the next lane without using shift signal & there was a truck moving into the same lane with his shift signal on, of course they almost collided, & would have if not for the quick reflexes of the guy in the truck. We continued to I126 & I noticed this dumbass change lanes alternative five times without using her shift signal to allow all around her know what her intentions were. I am certain we will see her wrecked butt sometime soon, being put in the ambulance either the hearse, hopefully it will just be her & not innocent operators who just happen to have the not good luck of being near her when she is attempting to drive!! Wise up u dumb idiot, we are not mind readers!!

    • Car Details: Red/w black top MAZDA Miata
    • Last Seen Location: Columbia, South Carolina, US
    Anonymous December 14, 2006
    Flagged As: Information

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