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  • This motorist in his fast green BMW 328 was en voyage north on I-25 just previous the Briargate Pkwy exitat in regards 8:20 am this morning. The sixty five MPH speed limit wasn't fast enough for him & he couldn't obtain by traffic. So, he cut me off in the left lane when there wasn't really enough room for him & then decided to obtain right on the back bumper of the auto in front of him. I mean 1 a small inches from the bumper! The motorist in front of him received spooked & slowed way down which made BMW guy even more mad, so he zipped around the auto in front of him & cut him off. Then, pulling that, 'I'll show u how cool I am,' he slowed down so quick that the spooked guy had to crash on his brakes so as not to rear-end BMW dude. Middle fingers & harsh gestures & words was exchanged & I grabbed my exit as soon as I could. Anyway, not certain how away north he was going, however WATCH OUT!

    • Car Details: Green BMW 328
    • Last Seen Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado, US
    Anonymous March 13, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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