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  • 3:45 Today, north I-43 just north of Downtown Milwaukee. Driver pulled up behind me & was in regards 2-3 feet off my bumper. I was en voyage 62 in a fifty five zone. I was unable to change lanes to obtain out of his way. He continued to tailgate despite a braketap on on my part. He continued to change from the inside lane of the 3 to the middle lane cutting off a motorist that was in that lane who had to make a sudden stop. Driver of this SUV then drove at a fast pace & moved into the lane change space of a blue Pickup truck, causing that motorist to swerve back into his lane & almost smash a vehical. Driver with this plate then continued north tailgating alternative motorist for at least a mile ahead until at a point where the way narrows to two lanes north of Silver Spring Drive. Driver went into the soon to end away outside lane & at a fast rate of speed continued northbound. Driver made a quick lane change into the remaining outside lane less then twenty yards from the end of the lane, causing alternative auto to smash it's brakes.This motorist is a danger to all on the road. Go back & learn how to operate safe, leave early to allow for travel time either just slow ur self down. You might live longer & allow people do the same.

    • Car Details: Black BMW SUV
    • Last Seen Location: Glendale, Wisconsin, US
    Anonymous April 28, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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