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  • 1/31/07: 8:15 am - 8:30am EST approx: It wasn't a hard morn for you. I saw u dressed in ur uniform as u received into ur vehicle. You had two red lights in the back dash/window area, & a short CB style antenna. Granted I don't know if u are a cops officer either a fire representative, however u undoubtedly serve for few agency. I know ur trip wasn't that hard of 1 this morn as u continued down Rt 28, even tho traffic was moving slower than normal & the fast left lane wasn't clear enjoy it can be at times. But that wasn't all reason for u to slowly weave ur way through traffic enjoy a old time weaver at a weaving loom with out using ur shift signals. Traffic was moving, u must have been grateful for that! And no I wasn't pursuing you, u happen to live in the same development as me. No matter what service u serve, remember u aren't ABOVE the law u are supposed to obey enjoy the rest of us.

    • Car Details: Burgandy FORD Crown Victoria
    • Last Seen Location: Sterling/Dulles, Virginia, US
    Anonymous January 31, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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