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  • I was en voyage 45mph, the posted speed limit. The motorist of this truck tailgated me & shined her lights into my back window off & on. This is a construction area with no shoulder & 1 two lanes, 1 each way, with a double yellow line down the middle. This was on Fraday, November 23, at approximately 12:10pm on 101st Pkwy east from Ft Campbell Blvd to Wilma Rudolph Blvd. This went on until we reached the area near Trenton Road in regards four miles, where the way is four lane; she passed me doing 60. She finished up saving a total of zero seconds reaching her destination as she was stopped at all red light on her way to Governor's Square Mall, which was my destination as well.I reported this to the Clarksville cops & 1 of the officers spoke me that I must have slowed down with my flashers on & if she smash me then she'd have to pay for damages. Evidently, Clarksville Police aren't concerned in regards operators obeying the speed limit.

    • Car Details: Blue Grey FORD F-150
    • Last Seen Location: Clarksville, Tennessee, US
    Anonymous November 27, 2006
    Flagged As: Information

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