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  • People wait in a long line on the 101, standing by to obtain toward the ramp to the 202. There's always a small individuals who realize at the last moment that their lane isn't headed in the right direction & that they demand to be above 1 lane. That's annoying, however completely forgivable. Then there are those individuals who can't be bothered to wait in line. That was this driver's issue. I was practically toward the ramp to 202 from the 101 when he cuts me off. He absolutely cut across the gore point to do it. We're not moving fast (we're practically not moving at all), so as I was creeping forward, he cuts in. I verbalize my displeasure to myself as I always do. I guess he saw me & can read lips as a result of he made a hand gesture. I returned the favor. He did the same & so on. A small minutes later, after we'd run out of clever hand signals, he held up his iPhone & snapped a picture of me.

    • Car Details: white SATURN VUE
    • Last Seen Location: TEMPE, Arizona, US
    Anonymous May 11, 2010
    Flagged As: Information

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