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  • 4:35pm on 04-15-09 I am en voyage on North Main Street, Bristol behind a blue ISUZU RODEO. As we approach the crosswalk (State law to stop when a pedestrian is in the walk) A female is half way across to almost 2/3 across the road. The Izuzu Rodeo swerved for what ever reason then slows towards the middle median & then steps on it just missing the woman. I stopped to allow her to obtain across the street. About hundred - 150 feet previous the crosswalk the moron in the Rodeo pulls above & parks on the side of the road. WHERE THE HELL this individual obtain their license? Gumball machine? Apparently this jerk didn't obtain the memo stopping for individuals in the crosswalk. Thank God the female was not hit. Hopefully this jerk in the rodeo gets pulled off the way for being stupid. Permanantly.

    • Car Details: blue ISUZU rodeo
    • Last Seen Location: Bristol, Connecticut, US
    Anonymous April 15, 2009
    Flagged As: Information

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