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  • As I was parking at the PO. this auto pulls in with the motorist speaking on a cell. I allow her go by, shaking my head, & pulled in. The she backed in way as well close on my operators side. Afraid of her door opening on my car, I backed into a different spot. As I received out she jumped out yelling ' What's ur problem?' I simply spoke her that it is illegal to say on a mobile telephone while en voyage in this state. Her lousy attempt at changing the subject was obvious 'Well, it's againest the law to operate enjoy a nut!' This made absolutely no sense as all I did was move my car. Yah, great come back ya fat dipstick.

    • Car Details: Silver CHRYSLER Mini Van
    • Last Seen Location: Putnam, Connecticut, US
    Anonymous August 13, 2009
    Flagged As: Information

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