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  • Hey, Fastfood! The next time u are moving south on Road 68 & making a right shift toward the on-ramp moving west on I-182, YIELD, I spoke YIELD!!!! to the pedestrian using that crosswalk. Sure, u might have been suprised few someone was absolutely using it there, however that kid just received off occupation from the McDonalds u most likely was at (since we noticed ur commuter stuffing food in their face enjoy crazy as we went by) & he didn't deserve to almost obtain run over. You didn't even blink, & luckily he was paying attention as he started to walk with his white pedestrian light giving him the OK. In fact, u 1 slowed on ur red. It's individuals enjoy u that NEED to pay attention. Oh, & doing above eighty in right lane of a 70mph doesn't help either. You know, even though it's moving to cost me more taxes, I'm moving to vote for more law enforcement officers in our area. Maybe if we can obtain tickets issued to numbnuts enjoy you, we can obtain u to remember that there is a world out there besides ur own! Wow, I can't believe I almost watched someone's life change in a instant again as a result of of few someone behind the wheel of a car. You know u might have as well gotten a ticket for covering ur license plates, since ur bikes seem to block out everything on the back.

    • Car Details: Dirty dark with bikes! HONDA SUV
    • Last Seen Location: Pasco, Washington, US
    Anonymous October 14, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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