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  • This occured in regards a hour after daybreak. It was raining fairly heavily, however not so hard as to be a hazard. I was on I244 east bound in the 2nd lane from the left when this moron comes SCREAMING down the on ramp, cuts across 3 lanes of traffic, almost clips my back bumper, then twists on her high beams. Did that make it easier to see previous my bumper? I slowed down to allow the car pass, & certain enough it was a female with her wipers moving as fast as they could. Now really, I don't hate women drivers, however when they operate enjoy this, yes I obtain a small annoyed. My tip - next time it is raining, stay house & retain the streets safer for everybody else. You are the type that CAUSES accidents.

    • Car Details: Blue TOYOTA FJ Cruiser
    • Last Seen Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma, US
    Anonymous May 08, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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