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  • Vehicle was moving south on 288 from 610 to Beltway 8. The truck was speeding 80-90 MPH on the exit ramp from 610 to 288. He continued to pass on the right & cut me off above a solid no lane changing line with hardly all room to spare betwen him & the baricades. I was moving approx 5mph above the speed limit. The truck then continued to tailgate other operators on the ramp & 288, weaved in & out of traffic with very small clearence. This operate is extremely unsafe. He puts his requires to obtain somewhere five minutes earlier above the lives & safety of others. It must be noted this truck weights above 6,000 lbs, he was on his mobile telephone on 288. The truck was a Dodge Ram Quad Cab with dark colored after market wheels. I would love to discuss this with the motorist in individual however I'm certain he wouldn't be guy enough to do so without his big truck around him. I hope he has a life filled with high dollar tickets/insurance rates & if he injures either causes accidents I hope he is sued for everything he has.

    • Car Details: Dark Grey DODGE Ram
    • Last Seen Location: Houston, Texas, US
    Anonymous December 01, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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