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  • This stupid butt in a hurry comes up behind me flashing his lights for me to move over. (There was a tractor trailor to my right so I could go no where). I wasn't able to move so he was on my butt all the way from the CT boarder of Rt. six through Scituate until we reached a passing zone. I was then behind him & witnessed this butt pass a tractor trailor at the crossing of Rt. six & Rt. 102 & proceed through a red light. This guy was en voyage with dealer plates & writing all above the windshield. I'm certain his boss would love to know how he is en voyage the cars that are to be sold.

    • Car Details: Dark Blue/Black HONDA Accord
    • Last Seen Location: Scituate, Rhode Island, US
    Anonymous January 08, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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