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  • Currently valid bases: 1979 issue - white background with red registration characters, blue state name & 'Land of Opportunity' issued from the GED through POR prefix series. 1989 issue - white background with blue registration characters, white state name in red band across top, red on white 'Land of Opportunity' at bottom, issued from the POS through ZZZ-999 series. 1996 issue - same as the 1979 colors. The main change was the reversal of the num format, using the 001-AAA format through the KPF series. 2006 issue - white graphic with blue fade from top & diamond in middle of plate. State name & 'The Natural State' in darker red, registration characters in black, issued from the KPG suffix series to present. Chuck reports that the 'diamond' plate is being referred to by the state as design #2. Personalized plates will be issued on design 2 in the future, however existing ones will not automatically be replaced. Eric Sivertsen reports that CNN had a story on the recall of the NGR series as a result of few individuals found it offensive. Previous base high: 914 KPF Current base low: 135 KPH Arkansas did issue the OOO series, as confirmed by Dennis Kuo's sighting of 265 OOO.

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    Dennis Kuo June 29, 2014
    Flagged As: Information

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