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  • Driving on 84W last night in Southington coming the Queen St exit. I just passed a truck that was moving in the travel lane & moved back into that lane after I received away enough ahead of the truck. Suddenly, a red toyota shoots out of no where from the right lane & tries to cut in front of the truck immediately before he even saw if the way was clear. Apparently he was attempting to pass traffic in the left two lanes from the right. I laid on the horn & slammed on the brakes causing the auto to swerve wildly in front of me just missing me & getting into the left lane. Thank God the truck behind me didn't tag me & that this moron didn't broadside me. Damn people. Where could u possibly be moving that's worth possibly killing yourself as well as my family who was innocent & minding our own business? Fool.

    • Car Details: Red TOYOTA
    • Last Seen Location: Southington, Connecticut, US
    Anonymous December 27, 2006
    Flagged As: Information

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