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  • 10:30am Rt. 66 Northbound & I-35I was en voyage through a crossing with a Semi on my tail moving at in regards 55mph... immediately after the crossing is a service way that goes along side I-35... & cuts across Rt. 66. An Edmond Public Schools car runs stop sign & darts out right in front of me. It was CLOSE! I had to smash my brakes so hard, that I now have flat spots on two front tires. I was barely missed by the semi behind me as well. I was pretty furious & absolutely turned around to go obtain the plate num off of this van. Could not believe few dumbass would be en voyage around a school car enjoy this. Instead of calling the cops, (what would they do?) I phoned Edmond Public Schools! Reported the guy to 3 different people, amd absolutely had the head director call me back a hour later for more information. I hope the guy received in trouble. I believe they owe me for my tires as well! Oh well. Idiot. I hope they don't ever allow him operate a bus full with children.

    • Car Details: white DODGE RAM PANEL VAN
    • Last Seen Location: Edmond, Oklahoma, US
    Anonymous September 01, 2009
    Flagged As: Information

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