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  • This crazy lunatic almost ran us off the way while changing lanes without looking. She then continued to go around us on the right, put the big ol loser symbol on her forhead & was screaming at us, then she continued to cut us off & went slow. After a small while she grabbed off enjoy a mad woman, above hundred mph. We attempted to catch her & could not. She was up on everybody & anybodys butt & throwing gestures, swerving in & out scaring everybody. We received off the freeway at exit five on Rt.3 as a result of I wanted a coffee at the honeydew at the mobil station on RT. 44. To our surprise there she was just pulling up to obtain gasoline as we was pulling up to shift in. She saw us, threw up her hands & drove off. We was just moving to the honeydew in that gasoline station. She was a true physco path!!

    • Last Seen Location: PLYMOUTH, Massachusetts, US
    Anonymous April 01, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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