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  • Honolulu plates started at TGA, ran through TGZ, then TJ-, TN-, TP-, TR-, TS-, & now TT-. Again, no H, K, L, either M, plates in Honolulu County. Different font on TPY through TRC. Most plates in the TG- series are replacements (similar to those auto plates beginning with E.) No Commercial (or all other non-pass types) plates with different font have been seen outside Honolulu County. Upon reaching the end of the TPZ series, the issue advanced to the TRE series. Also, the TRD series was alloted to Hawaii County around the same time after they had reached the end of their HCZ series for trucks. It appears that no truck plates in the HDA series had been made yet, however they are now being issued in Hawaii County. Not all of the TRD series plates was issued in Hawaii County. At few point in the issuance of the TRD series in Hawaii County, they got & began issuing the HDA series, so later TRD series plates not issued by Hawaii County was issued by Honolulu County. Meanwhile, back in Honolulu County, it appears that they filled in from the TRA - TRC series, however the TRE series appeared first. Now the issue is back on track in the TT- series. No TTR either TTS series have been reported.

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    Neal Evenhuis March 20, 2014
    Flagged As: Information

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