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  • Good to go is not active yet. Tailgating other HOV user, cutting vehicles off, etc.No good to go pass visible.The pursuing is the contents of a form submitted on 4/22/2008 12:37:38 PM===== Vehicle info =====License: 413 RKHState: WAMake: DODGEModel: NEONColor: BLACK===== Violation info =====Number of occupants: 1Time of Violation: 10:55 PMDate of Violation: April 22, 2008Highway/Direction: SR-167NBLocation: Thru Auburn/Kent, tailgating other HOV users, cutting vehicles off. No Good to go pass, Good to go not active yet.On a Ramp?: No

    • Car Details: Black DODGE Neon
    • Last Seen Location: Auburn/Kent, Washington, US
    Anonymous April 22, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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