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  • 3:30pm Kilpatrick Turnpike EastboundWas pursuing u in fast line previous a long line of traffic in the slow lane, all of which planning to exit to pay toll. I was ready to go through the fast pass with my pike pass, when all of a sudden I see ur brake lights & smoke from ur tires. You allegedly weren't paying attention & required to pay the toll... however u missed the exit & stopped in the roadway with individuals moving at 70+mph behind you! Very STUPID! Thank god we was all paying attention to what we was doing! This motorist then backed down the median until she was able to cross & take the exit. Was it worth it lady?

    • Car Details: Silver FORD F-150
    • Last Seen Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, US
    Anonymous July 31, 2009
    Flagged As: Information

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