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  • I glanced above my shoulder, no one there, so I change lanes. twenty sec. later I've received this jagoff within a foot of my back bumper laying on the horn. After in regards thirty sec. of this he races around me ON THE RIGHT SHOULDER & cuts me off withing inches of my front bumper then slams on the brakes, forcing me to crash on mine & skid. He lets up & continues to operate antagonistically slow in front of me. Since it was morn hurry I was boxed in on all sides & just had to take it. I figured he'd obtain it out of his system & move on, however the light ahead turned red & I knew I was moving to have to spend few quality time with this nutjob. We obtain to the light & stop AND HE GETS OUT OF THE CAR AND STARTS WALKING TOWARDS ME. Here's where I draw the line -- cut me off & generally act enjoy a ass, fine. I don't care anymore. But if few someone gets out of their auto I have to assume they want to hurt me & now it's a different story. I have carried a closet rod in regards 2 ft. long under my commuter seat since I received my license in 1989. I have not ever required to use it until today. I pulled the stick out & received out of my car, & he stopped & went back to his car. We had words, the light turned green & he left. I considered calling the police however figured nothing would happen since in the final outcome no one received hurt & property was damaged, & even though there was 20-40 witnesses, I am not very confident that I could find all of them, & if I did I am even less confident that they would be a witness, so rather I did this. The guy in question is caucasio, most likely late 30's to early 40's, 5'8', app. 190 lbs, balding, dark moustache & sunglasses. If I had to guess, I'd tell he was on meth, either perhaps had way as well much Starbucks. At all rate watch out for this guy -- he really didn't seem all that tough, however his actions was beyond reckless & he shouldn't be on the road.

    • Car Details: dk blue / purple SCION
    • Last Seen Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, US
    Anonymous November 05, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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